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Duplicator remote manual

1)Erase the code
Press and hold both of the "lock"(1 or A) and "unlock" (2 or B)button on the remote control at the same time, after a few seconds, the LED will flash 3 times, then keep press and  hold "lock"(1 or A)  ,release the unlock" (2 or B) button ,then press the unlock" (2 or B) 3 times , you will find the LED fast flash . it mean delete the factory code succsuful. The next step ,duplicating .
2) Duplicating
Hold the original remote controller by left hand and hold the copy remote controller by right hand, please make sure the 2 remote controllers close up. Press both of the lock buttons of the 2 remote controllers at the same time and hold, the LED flash 3 times 10 seconds late, then fast flashing which indicated the code of the lock button is duplicated by the new remote controller. Then to operate as the above method to duplicate other 3 buttons
3) Resume
If you erase the code stored on the copied remote controller incaution, you can resume it by pressing and holding both of the the  NO.3/C & NO.4/D  Button at the same time till the LED fast flash .it mean recover the code which you lost.