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Ford AU Falcon/FPV/XR6/XR8 304mhz

                                                              Ford AU Falcon/FPV/XR6/XR8

Programming Instructions:


Sit in the car with the doors closed Turn the ignition to the accessories position (this is the first click position) and press the rear demist button 3 times, within 5 seconds.

You then press any button on the first remote to be trained, the door locks will cycle. Then press any button on the 2nd to be trained and the door locks will cycle again.

Repeat this step for the rest of the remotes to be trained to the car (if you are only programing one remote skip the next step).

The first keypad trained will result in one door lock cycle, the second will result in 2 door lock cycles, and so on. There is a limit of 8 remotes per car. Turn the ignition to the OFF position to exit the learning mode. Your remotes are now programmed to your car. Please note: once entering the learning mode all remotes must be programmed