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Jolly remote manual 

Step 1: Delete your new remote control1. Press button A and B of your new remote simultaneously. The LED will flash 3 times

2. Release button B while still holding button A.

3. Press button B 3 times. The LED of the new remote flashes.

4. Now release also button A.

5. Your new remote control is now deleted. 

You can start with the new programming.

Step 2: Programming the new remote

1. Take your old, already-programmed remote control and the new remote control.

2. On the new remote control, press the button you want to program and hold it pressed. TheLED will flash 2 times. If this is not the case, repeat step "Delete your new remote control".

3. Place the old transmitter close in front of the new remote. Press and hold the button to becopied. The LED on the new remote control flashes 3 times and then stays lit.

4. Release the buttons.

5. Your new remote control is programmed.PS: Repeat step 2 for each other button to be programmed.