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Multi frequency(280-868mhz) remote manual

How to program new remote
Step  -1
1. While pressing the button 1 of the remote, press 4 times of the button 2. Release both buttons. Now the led emits a quick flash every 2 sec.
2. Press and hold the button 1 of the original remote control until our remote led will flashing every 1 second. Press the button 1 of our remote to save the code.
3. The copy has been successful, after copy success, active the remote on the receiver, this action should be close to the gate opener. Press the button 1 of our remote until the led flash and go off. Then your new remote is ready to work.
Please note: please don't use the original remote control before active the new remote.
Step  -2 
For ROLLING CODE REMOTE , please program the new remote on your  devices (receiver / motor ), program method same as your orignal remote.