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SEIP SKR remote coding

SEIP SKR remote coding

Option One1. Take the existing key fob and use it to open and close the door, then within fiveseconds press and hold the two buttons on the new mini key fob for five seconds.

2. Your new handset should now operate your garage door.

If you have the early type midi key fob push the upper two buttons until the courtesylight starts flashing to indicate that the receiver has entered into programming mode.

On the new key fob press and hold the button that you want to use to operate yourdoor for a second.Repeat as above for any additional new key fobs.

Option Two

If you have lost the original key fob you will need to release the fixing screw at therear centre of the motor casing and open the hinged cover. Then locate the redpushbutton which is located on the main printed circuit panel and press this button forfive seconds until the courtesy light starts flashing to show that the receiver is nowready to be programmed.

Take the new key fob and press the button that you wish to use to operate your doorand hold for a second, your new handset should now operate your garage door.