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Motorlift remote manual

Motorlift remote Manual

Principles of use:
Each new remote has its own code.
In order for your new remote to work, you must register its code in the radio receiver (oneradio receiver can register various new remotes).

Important information:
- This description will not correspond exactly to every brand and model. You should alwaysconsult the original information provided on installation of the product.
- Attention: Holding down the programming button (MEMO, ENR, PROG or REC, etc.) formore than 5 seconds could delete all remotes previously registered with the receiver!

Method for registering your new remote:

1- Open the casing of the radio receiver (located at the end of the wire from the antenna)

2- Press the programming button located on the radio receiver. Depending on the model, thebutton could be labelled: ENR or MEMO or PROG or REC, etc.Note: On certain receivers, you only have to depress the programming button onceand then release it. On others, you have to hold the programming button down.

3- A light on the receiver will light up, or flash.

4- Hold down the button on your new remote for one second.

5- Release the button: depending on the model, the light on the receiver will either go outimmediately, or within 10 seconds.6- Verify that your new remote is working correctly.7- Close the casing of the receiver.