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liftmaster 418X

 liftmaster 418mhz remote 

such as model  4180 4185 418X   

Programto Gate / Garage Door Openers the same way as original Chamberlain Liftmasterremotes, please refer to your receiver's user manual. For a typical Chamberlain 8002E 418MHz Receiver,the programming procedure is as follows. Make sure to install the battery inthe transmitter correctly.
1. Press and hold the remote control push button.
2. Press and release the Learn button in the Control Center on the openerpanel. The indicator light will flash once.
3. Release the remote push button. Now the opener will operate when the remotecontrol push button is pressed.
Note: If you release the remote control push button before the indicator lightsflash, the opener will not accept the code. To erase all codes from thereceiver, hold the receiver's Learn button until the indicator light goes off(after 6 seconds). All codes that the receiver has learned will be erased.