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868.3MHZ duplicator manual

1st,Remove code

press the LOCKNO.A/NO.1 and UNLOCKNO.B/NO.2 button at the same time ,and the LED indicator will flash 3 timesthen off. After this ,keep and  hold theLOCKNO.A or  NO.1  and release the UNLOCKNO.B or NO.2 button ,and press the UNLOCKNO.B or NO.2 button 3 times ,the duplicator  led indicator will flashquickly , that means it remove the exist  code successful. Now youcan come to the next step to copy now.



2nd,copy original remote

Pls take theoriginal remote and duplicator  as closeas possible. Then press one of button from original and one of them fromduplicator at the same time, you will see the led indicator  fast flash ,that is too say you copy originalremote successful.