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Sommer & Aperto manual

Programming / Learning Instructions

Program to Gate / Garage Door Openers the same way as original SOMMER remotes, please refer to your receiver's user manual. For a typical SOMMER Radio Receiver FM 868.8MHz, the programming procedure is as follows:
1. Press the LEARNING button on the radio receiver or on the control panel, once for channel one, LED 1 lights up, twice for channel two, LED 2 lights up.
2. Make a transmission by pressing one of the desired CH buttons of the transmitter (within the range of the radio receiver). LED flashes and then extinguishes according to which channel has been selected.
3. Repeat process described under points 1 + 2 to teach further manual remote controls on to given radio receiver. Max. 112 memory slots are available.
4. Press the transmitter button to test operation.
Note: To remove a single transmitter's code or all transmitter codes from the receiver memory please refer to your receiver manual.

 Delete All Codes
Sometimes it is necessary to delete all stored codes from receiver, such as when lost remote, please refer to the following steps.
1. Press learning button A on radio receiver and keep pressed.
2. LED starts flashing after 5 seconds - LED shines steadily after a further 10 seconds.
3. After a total of 25 seconds all LEDs shine steadily.
4. Release learning button A - delete operation is complete. All the stored codes including the courtesy light codes should now be deleted. Confirm this by pressing the transmitters previously used to operate the device. There should be no response.