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ECA Remote Manual

81CR-V5  Top Security Rolling Code Receiver 

This sophisticated one channel receiver, Model 81CRV5, has
 been specially designed to operate any control panel of 
gates or garage doors.  
Selecting operation voltage 12V or 24V  AC/DC 
The receiver is made to suit 12- 24V Ac / Dc voltage. You can select the operation voltage by the 
Voltage Selector Jumper
 in the receiver. See the location of  this Jumper in the receiver’s picture below.   
Each button of the TR4-RS remote control transmits a di
fferent code. Therefore, eac
h remote control can operate 
four different receivers. The receiver 81CR can learn up 
to 170 different codes (buttons) of the remote control  
TR4-RS, and all the four buttons can even be taught into one receiver.  
There are two ways to teach the receiver a new remote control code (button).  
The first method allows to teach the receiver new remote
 controls, by using the original remote control of the 
receiver (which already operates the receiver), without having to access the receiver. The second method is to be 
used when the receiver’s memory has been erased or none 
of the remote controls of the receiver is available.  
First Method
: “
Service – Free
” Teaching Method     
This wireless method of teaching will allow the end us
er to teach and program new remote controls into the 
 of neither a technician nor accessing the receiver box. Use the operational 
remote control
 of the unit, (a remote control that operates t
he receiver) to teach a new remote control into the 
receiver’s memory as follows: 
Take the 
operational remote control
 of the unit and stand about 2m’ from the receiver. Press and hold both the 
buttons (III) and (I) simultaneously
 for 10 seconds or till the program LED turns ON to indicate that the receiver is 
ready to learn the new remote control’s button. 
, press and hold the one of the 
buttons (I), (II), (III) or (IV) of 
remote control 
for 10 seconds or till the program LED turns 
off. The LED light will turn off to indicate 

that the remote control’s button has been learned into the receiver’s memory.  

Second method
: Teaching a new remote control 
by the jumper in the receiver. 
Remove the jumper “Teach / Clear” in the receiver and the program LED light will turn on.  
Choose, press and release the button on the new remote control, which you would like to  
operate the receiver till the LED light turns off, (about 
Return the “Teach / Clear” jumper to its place. 
Repeat steps 1- 4 for teaching more remote controls. 
The transmitter has four buttons, which can control up to four different receivers. 
Each receiver can learn one of the buttons of the remote (TR-4RS).  
Whenever the button on the remote control is pressed, the 
relay in the receiver will chan
ge its status from N.O. to 
N.C. and hold this position for a period of half second – Pulse Function.  
To delete 
all the codes
 from the receiver’s 
memory, do as follows: 
Disconnect the power supply from the receiver and remove the “Teach / Clear” Jumper in the receiver. 
Wait for 5 seconds and reconnect the power supply. The program LED light will turn on in the receiver. 
Return the jumper “Teach / Clear “ to its place immediately before the LED light turns off. 
The LED will flash twice to indicate that all remote controls were deleted form the receiver’s memory.