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Boss, Centurion, Street-line ,Guardian coding

Boss, Centurion, Street-line& Guardian Coding Instructions

Roller door operator


Programming Handset to Control Box

1. Remove the face plate by inserting a screwdriver into the slotlocated on the bottom side of the face plate.

2. With the power turned on to the unit, press and release the smallbutton (learning button) located under the large aqua button. The yellow LEDwill come on Indicating that your unit is ready to accept a code.

3. Press the number 1 button on the handset once. If the code isaccepted the green LED will blink twice. If you are programming multiplehandsets code them in at this stage.

4. Press and release the small button (learning button) and the yellowLED will go off. Handset is now programmed and is ready.

Overhead/panel lift/ tilt operator


ProgrammingHandset to Receiver:


If the courtesylight is off it will come on and stay on for 30 seconds. If the courtesy lightis on it will flash once and then stay on for 30 seconds.


1. With a pointedobject push the Radio Set Button.


2. During this 30-secondtime period push the button on your hand transmitter until the courtesy lightflashes twice this indicates that the receiver has accepted the code of thetransmitter.


If the code is notaccepted, the courtesy light will stay on for 30 seconds, flash 4 times andthen stay on for 2.5 minutes.