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ATA remote PTX-5 tricode code way


The remote replacement  compatible with PTX5V1,and BND tritran, pls know  it can not compatible with PTX5V2,or BND tritran+

Choose the remote you want like this :

press and hold the  NO.1 and NO. 2 at the same time ,you will see LED light on ,and keep it till the led indicator light off ,that mean it has been change to be another code . (default is ptx5v1 ATA)

Storing remote code

1,Press and hold the SW1 or SW2 on the receiver , the LED will flash.

2,press one remote button which you want to desire to the receiver for 2 seconds ,you will find the LED indicator will flash faster  it means code in successful.

3,Release the SW1or SW2 button and after 2 seconds ,press  the remote button which you have desired just now and test it on receiver.you will find the LED light on steadly for a few seconds and then off.Now  coding finished,you can control now .