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Compatible with ansonic garage door remote
Compatible with:ansonic SF 433-1,SF 433-2E,SF 433-3E,SF 433-4E,SF 433-1 Mini/M,SF 433-2 Mini/M

Aftermarket for Ansonic SA 868-1E,SA 868-2E,SA 868-4E remote
Compatible with:Ansonic SA 868-1E,SA 868-2E,SA 868-4E

For ansonic SA 868-1 Mini/M,SA 868-2 Mini/M universal remote control replacement
Compatible with:ansonic SA 868-1 Mini/M,SA 868-2 Mini/M

For ansonic SA434-1mini,SA434-2mini/M,SA434-1mini/M,SA434-2midi remote
Compatible with:ansonic SA434-1mini,SA434-2mini/M,SA434-1mini/M,SA434-2midi

For Ansonic remote,Ansonic garage door remote duplicator
Compatible with:ansonic SA434-1,SA434-2E,SA434-3E,SA434-4E

Duplicator for copy ANSONIC SA 434-1Mini, SA434-2Mini, SA 434-2Midi Universal remote control
the remote for copy the following model:ANSONIC SA434-1, SA434-2E. SA434-3E, SA434-4E, SA434-5EANSONIC SA434-1mini, SA434-1mini/M, SA434-2mini/M, SA434-2midi

ANSONIC SA 868-1,2 Mini/M Compatible Remote
ANSONIC SA 868-1,2 Mini/M Compatible Remote DUPLICATORFor copy :ANSONIC SA 868-1 Mini/M868,3MhzANSONIC SA 868-2 Mini/M868,3Mhz

duplicator for Ansonic remote ,868.3mhz.
The remote for copy ANSONIC SA 868-1E868,3MhzANSONIC SA 868-2E868,3MhzANSONIC SA 868-4E868,3Mhzcopy by face to face

For ANSONIC remote ,ANSONIC garage door remote replacement
ANSONIC SF 433-1 SF 433-2,3,4E SF 433-1,2 MINI/M Remote Control Duplicator.Copy by face to face only .not program to receiver.
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